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A Personalised service
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A Personalised service

For many people, personalising a funeral is an essential aspect of the funeral planning process. Creating and tailoring an experience that feels unique to your loved one can be an extremely cathartic and rewarding experience. A personalised funeral package allows you to select everything to design the funeral exactly to your liking. You can make the service highly traditional or contemporary and bespoke.

We do not break down our costs into a multitude of add-ons; this can become very confusing and overwhelming! Rather, we consider that we look after your loved one for one professional fee and we take care of everything; we are flexible and go at your pace. Below is an example of a bespoke traditional funeral, or you may prefer to use our cost estimator tool where you can select everything to your liking and retrieve the overall cost.

Choices of crematoria

Prices: (these prices include EVERYTHING listed above and this does include disbursements)

Charing & Barham Crematorium
Charing £4700 Barham £4700
Vinters Crematorium
Price £4325
Garden of England Crematorium
Price £4445
Medway Crematorium
Price £4300

(these are examples, we also offer the same professional fees for a simple graveside service (enquire regarding cemetery fees)

You can add as much or as little as you want to to our services, we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible for our families. We are able to be lower cost compared to other funeral directors due to having lower overheads than the corporate firms focussing on high levels of care and not profit margins. We charge for our professionalism, experience and for our time, allowing you support at every stage of the process, we do not put marks ups on products such as order of service and floristry. We are completely transparent and proud of this, giving us confidence, when we meet our families, that we are doing our absolute best to support the community, which we live in.

Below is our ‘estimate calculator’ which can give you a further indication of costs dependent on your choices. Please be advised that third party fees are variable between different crematoria and burial costs are varied dependent on the grave purchase and location too; other disbursements are much less variable. The calculator will give you a good idea of our costs, please give us a call or email to enquire further for a more personalised quotation.
Disbursements are fees and statutory charges which have to be paid by us on your behalf in the process of arranging the funeral and can include cremation fees, burial fees, doctors’ fees, ministers’ fees, newspaper announcements, grave digging etc. These charges are outside of our control and vary but exact costs will be given in the form of an estimate at the time of making the arrangements.

Is money a worry? Let us know and we will talk you through the options that will keep costs down to a minimum.
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