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A simple service

Simple funeral services are perfect for those wanting a modest funeral or looking for the most affordable options. Our excellent quality of service is never compromised, no matter how simple the funeral package. Below, outlines what is included in a ‘simple funeral’, or essential as is otherwise known, however we feel at Hadaway & Denton that you should be able to add chapel visits to this essential service, if desired, and rely on our 24 hours a day support line all the same. We purely want to be transparent with our pricing so that you know all of your options. 

The simple pathway includes the following:

Choice of crematoria

For transparency, see below illustrations of TOTAL costs (including disbursement costs at various crematoria).

Price: (including crematorium morning service, doctor’s fees and a celebrant or minister fee)

Charing and Barham Crematorium
Price £3434
Vinters Crematorium
Price £3104
Garden of England Crematorium
Price £3274
Medway Crematorium
Price £3184

(these are examples, we also offer the same professional fees for a simple graveside service (enquire regarding cemetery fees)

The simple service includes EVERYTHING you require to have a simple funeral with NO add ons or nasty surprises. We also wanted to gift our families with something to offer our compassion in a practical way, so we are offering a scatter tube (you choose the design) to every family that we service (or a small tribute keepsake if this is not appropriate).

Our simple service offers considerably more than is required of us by our governing bodies because we believe that there are certain elements that you shouldn’t restrict when caring for the bereaved and for somebody’s loved one. We charge for our professionalism, experience and for our time allowing you support at every stage of the process, we do not put marks ups on products such as order of service and floristry. We are completely transparent and proud of this, giving us confidence when we meet our families that we are doing our absolute best to support the community, which we live in.

This simple service has a reduced professional fee and reduced hearse fee, to keep costs lower and therefore, this service does not include order of service sheets, limousines or additional bespoke planning. Families can add chapel visits for an additional £75.
Disbursements are fees and statutory charges which have to be paid by us on your behalf in the process of arranging the funeral and can include cremation fees, burial fees, doctors’ fees, ministers’ fees, newspaper announcements, grave digging etc. These charges are outside of our control and vary but exact costs will be given in the form of an estimate at the time of making the arrangements.

Please note, if you would like to keep costs down further we can make arrangements for set time funerals at lower costs or funerals with no service. Please speak to us further if this is desired. Is money a worry? Let us know and we will talk you through the options that will keep costs down to a minimum.


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