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Horse Drawn Carriage
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Horse Drawn Carriage

Having the opportunity to add a touch of grace, beauty and style to a loved one’s goodbye is something we know many families would love and may not get the chance to do. That’s why we created a horse drawn funeral carriage pathway for those in search of something special, whilst still keeping the experience an affordable one. Choosing a horse drawn carriage for the funeral of your loved one creates a memory that you can carry with you forever.

We created a flexible package which includes the following:

This is all flexible; designed to give you an example so that we can illustrate the affordability of having a horse drawn carriage funeral. You can add further elements such as order of service sheets and flowers as you wish or try using our estimator tool by clicking here, to assist you further with costings.
Disbursements are fees and statutory charges which have to be paid by us on your behalf in the process of arranging the funeral and can include cremation fees, burial fees, doctors’ fees, ministers’ fees, newspaper announcements, grave digging etc. These charges are outside of our control and vary but exact costs will be given in the form of an estimate at the time of making the arrangements.


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