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Finding the right venue for a loved one’s funeral is a very important aspect of the whole planning process. There is so much more available to us now, with so many more options included in what we might call, ‘a simple service’, or ‘a traditional service’ or a ‘bespoke or contemporary’ service. This page aims to provide details of our local crematoria, all of which provide attended and unattended funeral options. Please go to our ‘additional funeral venues’ page for a wider choice of establishments that cater for memorial services prior to, or after, a burial or cremation.

Vinters Park Crematorium

Vinters Park Crematorium is on Bearsted Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5LG. In 2012, Maidstone Council celebrated 50 years at this beautiful crematorium. The chapel seats approximately 85 people with further standing room. The typical fees are detailed below:
  • Adult Cremation Fee (from 10:15am) £775
  • Early Cremation Fee 9:00am £495 and 9:30am £565
  • Additional chapel time (extra 30 minutes) £290
  • Unattended/Direct/Pure Cremation Fee £365

Garden Of England Crematorium

Garden of England Crematorium is in Sheppey Way, Sittingbourne, ME9 8GZ and is owned by The London Cremation Company PLC and was built in 2003. The typical fees at this crematorium are displayed below:
  • Adult Cremation Fee £895
  • Early Morning Adult Cremation Fee £665
  • Early Evening Adult Cremation Fee £1095
  • Saturday/Sunday Morning Adult Cremation Fee £1295/£1395
  • Unattended/Direct/Pure Cremation Fee £350
  • Chapel hire only £645
Medway Crematorium
Medway Crematorium is run by Medway Council and is found on Robin Hood Lane, Blue Bell Hill ME5 9QU. It has served the people of Medway and the surrounding areas since 1959. There are two chapels and each can hold up to 115 people seated and an additional 30 people standing. The typical fees are detailed in the checklist below:
  • Adult cremation fee £1150
  • Adult Cremation Early service (9am and 9:30am) £825
  • Additional time in chapel £625
  • Adult Cremation Saturday service £1435
  • Adult Cremation Sunday service £1725
  • Adult Cremation Joint service – 2 adults £1100
  • Child Cremation – under 18 years £No Charge
  • Unattended/Direct/Pure Cremation £325
Charing and Barham Crematorium
Both Charing and Barham Crematorium are run by the ‘Westerleigh’ Group and as such the fees are the same (with a few small differences in provisions e.g. timings of the early services or use of an organist). The following checklist highlights the most typical fees. Further information regarding media or visual tribute fees, for example, can be found at either or
  • Adult cremation fee standard times £985 - £1135 at Charing (dependent on day and time) at Barham £775 - £1075
  • Early service cremation fee (8:40am & 9:20am) Charing £685 or Barham £775
  • Children (18 and under) £No Charge
  • Additional time in the chapel £610 at Charing £600 at Barham
  • Saturday service at Charing £1355 or £1345 at Barham
  • Sunday service £1630 at Charing or £1615 at Barham
  • Unattended/direct/pure cremation £295


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