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CMA Standardised Price List

standard price list
We are required by law to display and have available to download, the following Standardised Price List as the result of Government input. It provides details of our standard full price costs, as well as the main ‘Third Party’ costs that can be incurred as part of a ‘Standard Funeral service’ (otherwise known as our ‘Simple service Pathway’). This document must be displayed and made available by every funeral director and can be used as a useful comparison to general pricing. You can download this document via the text link below.

Transparency and fair pricing is of up-most importance to us at Hadaway & Denton and we pride ourselves on not charging ‘commercialised’ mark-ups on our products, which includes our coffins. We can assure you that upon calling us, there will be no hidden fees or unexpected costs, we charge one clear and transparent professional fee for our services and care and then the remaining costs are entirely dependent on your choices. We remain flexible to your needs within this one fee and do not charge ‘add-ons’ for example, a more bespoke service or collecting your loved ones ashes. It is important to consider this when comparing a range of funeral directors and enquiring about costs and what is included within those costs, as it is not always clear on first glance. We also consider care of your loved one to be of the highest importance and therefore can assure all of our families that we look after their loved one at our own premises and in our private mortuary and chapel of rest, each and every day they remain with us.

For full details and breakdown (including a cost calculator) of our inclusive Funeral service Pathways, please visit our costs page . We consider the pricing on these pages to be more detailed and clear illustrating your options and the overall cost of a chosen funeral.
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