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Funeral Flowers

Flowers have always been a way of expressing our sincerest thoughts and feelings., whether happy or sad. When we are looking to convey our condolences to our friends and our loved ones, sending flowers is a heartfelt way of communicating our sympathy.

It can be difficult sometimes to express your feelings in words; flowers can act as an expression of love, comfort, sympathy, and respect. Flowers have a spiritual significance and historically, we may consider a white rose to symbolise purity, humility and innocence, a red rose to symbolise love and respect and pink to represent gratefulness. A yellow rose is often given by friends whereas a deep crimson rose suggests deep sorrow and grief.

We work closely with the independent florist Caroline Miller, based in Tenterden. Caroline is an award-winning florist and takes time to create personal tributes in an array of styles, resulting in bespoke flowers for our families. Due to not having corporate overheads, Caroline’s prices are also very reasonable and due to the high quality of the creations, you are able to keep the flowers for longer or make your own smaller sprays from the larger tributes after the funeral day. Caroline works with you and we highly recommend her skills. We also receive beautiful flowers from our local florists inclusive of Linda’s Florist (Henwood), Lesley’s Florist (Town Centre), The Flower Barn (Sellindge) and the East Kent Flower Company (Wye).

Please take a look at our gallery for some inspiration! Work accredited to Caroline Miller Florsitry.

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