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Attended Pure Cremation

Are you undecided between having a direct/pure cremation or a simple service for your loved one? Direct cremation is the simplest of options when it comes to planning your loved one’s funeral and, when considering finances, it is the least in cost, however there have often been times when we have been serving families, and clients have asked if they can attend when their loved one enters the chapel. We created this pathway for this very reason.

The Attended Pure Cremation Pathway is a direct funeral service package, which allows up to 8 mourners to attend a 15-minute chapel booking at Charing Crematorium and it is an all-inclusive option with the exception of the possible doctors’ fees, if required, at £82. The total cost is £1900.00 at Charing Crematorium and includes the following:

Why choose us over cheaper (or so it seems) direct/pure cremation companies?

- You will know where your loved on is at all times – this can be of great comfort
- You can meet and/or speak to your personal independent funeral director who will handle everything for you
- Your loved one will not be driven hundreds of miles around the country, with multiple other families’ loved ones, before being laid to rest
- You can choose an alternative coffin if you wish and upgrade the cost
- You can choose the date of delivery or collection of ashes without any additional cost
- The other companies are not all as cheap as they like to appear – look out for their hidden add-ons eg. an extra £250 to collect your loved one from a care home or hospice and obscenely high fees for removing a pace maker (we don’t charge anything – it is considered part of our care)
- You are supporting a local independent family-owned business and receive a personal service
- You can choose to select clothing or a gown for your loved one and visit in our chapel of rest
- You can choose the date or location of the cremation
- We even like to gift our families a scatter tube – you can choose from a large selection of designs


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